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Airlock & Barometric Pressure

This is more curiosity than anything.

I’ve been watching my airlock and noticed something curious. I’m using the S style airlock. The output of the beer has pushed the liquid in the airlock to one side which is normal.

We recently had a low pressure move through followed by a high pressure system moving in now. As the backend of the low pushed its way through the area I noticed the liquid in the airlock moved back to almost equal. This morning the liquid had pushed back to one side of the S as observed before.

Will the barometric pressure cause this movement in the airlock? It seems logical to me.

Sure. I have a glass carboy that when I rinse with hot water and put the airlock back in bubbles even though it is completely empty.

If it a bucket fermenter it is more likely there isn’t enough outward pressure because fermentation is slowing to keep the water or whatever you have in it pushed out. The lids are notorious for leaking.

Barometric pressure does sound logical to me also though.

Neat :nerd:

Watch the level when it starts moving up grab your fishing pole


Temperature will also influence the airlock due to expansion and contraction.

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And the fishing


Hey Brew Cat, have you ever taken a fish for a boat ride? :joy: Sneezles61

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