Air lock shot out if the carboy

Just found out my carboy bung and air lock shot out if the carboy sometime in the last 24 hours. It had a lot of dried krausen around the opening if the carboy but not a big mess.

Sanitize another bung and air lock and stuck it back in the carboy. With in a minute it started to bubble up again. Is that a good sign that it did not get compromised by bacteria or would this be too soon to tell.

It’s the Dead Ringer IPA. What should I look for if it has or will go bad.


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From this morning.

Well if you are a-bubbling, it means you are still producing and degassing CO2. So the flow is out of the carboy which would tend to flush anything trying to get in. Plus, it means your yeast are still quite active which helps. Any stray bacteria has to fight to establish itself. Unless a dead mouse fell in the opening, you’ll probably be OK :lol:
There’s a thread somewhere on the forum that has pictures of infected brews. I’m sure yours won’t look anything like those!

I would say you are ok. That has happen to me a couple of times in my brewing past. I lucked out both times, it didn’t make a mess. Both times beer turned out fine.
I see that you are from St. Louis, Mo I was born and grew up in a little city right across the river from St. Louis. Venice,IL. I joined the navy in the early sixty"s, when I got out in the middle sixty’s I met my wife and we lived in the Metro East area Until 2010 and then we moved to a rural area in southern IL. We love the country life.
Good Luck,

Thanks to all of you for all your insights and information.

Jazzman wish you and your wife all the best. I too hope to move to the country when I retire.


Time to utilize a blow off tube.

My first and only blow out to date was on my first Belgian ale, which was a custom recipe. When I discovered what happened in the morning, the temp had fully exceeded the highest temp listed on the fermometer…to this day I don’t know how high it went.

I quickly threw it in an ice bath and had it down to around 72 degrees, iirc, within a couple of hours/half a day. This was back in May. I just finished the last bottle of that batch earlier this week, and it was still amazing…far better than it was a month after I first bottled it.

It’s a hassle (and something I’m strangely proud of :wink: ), but by no means does it mean you’ve ruined your beer.

That said, I never start with an airlock anymore…I use a blowoff tube until active fermentation is finished.

I almost always primary in a bucket because of this issue. Even then sometimes I spray too much starsan on my bung and it acts as a lubricant and then the bung won’t stay in the bunghole :lol: that sounds hilarious.