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Air lock Dried out

I have been sitting on a batch for a long time and just realized my airlock has dried out. Is this going to be a big issue or will it still be drinkable. I’d hate for it to have gone bad.

Might not be a problem, but it also could be. Only way to know is the taste test. Sanitize the area around the air lock and replace the air lock with sanitized aluminum foil. Take a specific gravity sample for the taste test. Clean and sanitize the air lock before replacing.

What was in the fermentor?

It is a zombie dirt pale ale. I set it in my fridge and life took over. Its been at 33 degrees for quite a while.

Most likely it is a good beer unless you are growing mold in your frig.

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Yeah the fridge could be an offensive environment… BUT, even with a dried air locker, that little cap should keep most that stuff at bay… Do as Flars says, take and sanitize and sample it… report back… Sneezles61

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