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Air fryers

My wife surprised me with an air fryer for Christmas. I had been eyeing them online for a while. Yes i know it is basically a small convection oven but seemed like a better way than frying and we do not have a convection oven at our condo.

I tried bacon and hash browns first since we planned them for breakfast one day. The bacon took way longer than expected but did crisp up nice after I figured out how much longer to cook it. The hash browns on the auto french fry setting got a little too done but being much thinner I kind of expected that.

So anyone have one of these and any suggestions or recipes you like? I’m looking forward to trying fish in it. I put it outside for cooking the bacon since the smell is great while cooking but not so great when the house smells like grease hours later. Might be a good plan for fish.

I have one and love it! They actually work pretty well, and give a healthy alternative to fried foods.

I don’t really have anything to add in regards to recipes. I too would stick it outside for fish and bacon.

One of mine coworkers. Has one she loves it. French fries. Dutch snacks. She says. No difference in taste.

So enlighten us about Dutch snacks… Sneezles61

Haha first of all dutch food not really famous for culinary high standards. But some snacks jummy. Like kroket bitterbal. Frikandel. And lots of ways. To prepare. French fries. We call it patat. My fav patat. With peanut sauce. Mayo and union. A frikandel deep fried sauges. With ketchup mayo and union.

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