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Ain't life great!

Woke up yesterday and started smoking a pork butt, sliced up 12lbs. of pork belly that I
cold smoked on Monday, made a beer, dry hopped another beer and drank some beer
that I made. Is it just me or does drinking beer that you made taste better when you’re
making another beer? Hope everyone else had a great day.

Happy brewing!

We should all be this happy! Being a culinary tinkerer at heart is what got me into brewing. And yes, drinking my beer while making beer is quite the awesome combo.

I make my beer in the morning so it’s hard for me to crack them open at 9am :slight_smile: … Guess I need to start at noon instead.

Breakfast Stout. Totally allowed at 9 AM. Cheers

I usually brew in the early am as well. But, I cook dinner for my wife and I most nights and I ALWAYS have a beer or 2 while cooking. It’s such a stress relief for me. As is brewing!

(And yes, I’ve been known to have a beer at 7am while sitting outside in the cold brewing another beer. It’s only a problem if you THINK it’s a problem :slight_smile:

As you can see from my signature below, I’m right there wit ya!!! :wink:

I did the similar thing on Monday. Smoked a pork butt and a rack of ribs, helped a friend run a batch and kegged a batch of APA. It was a good day.

There are few hobbies that go hand-in-hand better than brewing and BBQ! They were made for each other. Nothing like a full mash kettle and a full smoker.

I’m with you guys. I love to grill and drink beer and I like to brew and drink beer. Actually, there’s not much I don’t like to do when I drink beer! I also brew early in the morning, almost exclusively so I’m almost always buzzed on good coffee. But like Dobe12, I also cook dinner most of the time and it’s nice to go down to the basement, tap a beer and then get ready to make something good for dinner (possibly on the grill!). Nothing like smoking ribs for 4-5 hours and drinking beer while the tunes are on, the sun is out and it’s 85°! Giddy up! :lol:

Life is indeed wonderful! And drinking a homebrew while making one is awesome! The only time I ever have a beer in the morning is in the summer, when I’m brewing outside…just can’t resist then! Cheers!

hey, you can’t drink all day of you don’t start in the morning :lol:

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