AHA Membership

My wonderful wife just presented me last night with a late Christmas gift: An AHA membership. I’ve heard that members get discounts and such, even on NB’s site. Anyone know how to use that discount?

I received the same gift for Christmas. I would like to know that answer as well. Thanks.

Just put in the comments that you are an AHA member, pretty sure it is good for 5% off. Can’t say that I’ve used that method though since I go to the physical store location where they give 10% off for club members (no discount on Blichmann stuff though).

I can confirm it’s good for 5% off online with NB. Welcome to the AHA.

OK, thanks. How do I make that happen? is there something I need to add somewhere?

OK, thanks. How do I make that happen? is there something I need to add somewhere?[/quote]
Put it in the comments of the order that you’re an AHA member and it wouldn’t hurt to put you member number, guess after the fact they adjust the price.

Oh, OK. That makes sense. Thanks, Flip

I can’t recall where but I remember seeing the AHA say that they are working on an online AHA member verification system so the online retailers could verify membership. Guessing if that were in place NB (and other online retailers) would be more willing to offer the 10% off that they offer in store.

Excellent. I thought the discount was only good in stores.

Also be sure to look for pubs and brewhouses in your area that offer discounts vis your membership

Just thought I’d report back that I placed an order this morning and included my AHA number in the comments field (note that you have to tick a box in the last section of the checkout process to get the comments field to appear). You will receive a message indicating that all orders with comments are placed on hold until someone can look at it. After submitting, I received a standard e-mail confirmation for my order. A few hours later, I had a second e-mail confirmation from NB that included my 5% discount. Pretty sweet.

I have not found anyone else who offers a discount besides NB

Midwest does. Morebeer does not. But Morebeer has free shipping for most things.

For Midwest, you have to e-mail them to request that they add your AHA number to your account. Supposedly the discount should be calculated automatically at check-out, but that has not been my experience. I had to e-mail them after, and they refunded the discount amount.