AHA member or not?

Just curious.
Are you an AHA member?

  • Yes
  • No

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Never saw a benefit in joining

I like reading the Zymurgy magazine

I’m a member, but only because certain (pro-am) competitions required membership. I’ve never taken advantage of the discount at breweries or homebrew shops, and I think I’m done entering in competitions, so…I guess I’ll have to think about renewing this time around.

Perhaps theres a good reason to belong… I don’t , but, very happy to part of this forum. I don’t know anyone who is a member around here either… Sneezles61

I’ll look for a copy of that but I’m very happy with BYO magazine. I’m not a ‘guidlines’ brewer really, so theres that. But I tend to lump lobbyists together.

I am a member. I find their forum to very informative and friendly and active. I have learned a great deal being a member. It is also good to have an organization lobbying for us, plus the discounts you receive from other participating members

I was before the lhbs closed…discount was nice.

Yeah I go on their forum or at least I have don’t need to be a member for that. I find this forum friendlier. Kind of snooty over their

I have been an AHA member for 20 years and on the Governing Committee for the last 12. There is much more to the AHA than just Zymurgy magazine. The AHA is one of the big reason homebrewing is now legal in every state. They’re responsible for getting restrictive homebrew laws, like we had here in OR, changed so that we can have competitions and drink homebrew in bars.


Proud member for 6 or 7 years. Like Denny says, the AHA was instrumental in legalizing homebrewing and public tastings in many states. They do a lot of great work behind the scenes that we all take for granted. There are many benefits of joining. Zymurgy magazine is great. I encourage you all to join, even if the only reason is for Zymurgy and/or the feeling that it’s just “the right thing to do”.


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Well I’m sure their a fine organization and some day I may join but I don’t know if they can take all the credit for the craft Brew resurgence. Alot had to do with the buy local movement and governor’s trying to support local businesses. At least in CT and NY State which I’m familiar with

Yes of course. All great things. Zymurgy is one of but not the only reasons I have been a member over the last few years.

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I don’t think anyone is claiming they take credit for craft beer. And a lot of those state efforts happened becasue of backing of the AHA/BA.

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I’m sure. Do they donate to political campaigns?


Then I advocate joining. Sounds like a good organization then

I stopped screwing around with my own recipes.
I start with the AHA winner recipes now and tweak from there.

I have also pulled a few good recipes from here
and I have a great Rye IPA recipe from Big Lake Brewing (my version of it).

I just made a NEIPA.

Very Hazy, Very Tasty.

Tweaked the recipe a bit.
Added Lemon Drop and Nelson Sauvin as the final hop addition.
Very proud of my 1st NEIPA…

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I like Zymurgy and the use the discount at my 60 mile away LHBS. The forum there is very educational as well although I usually only bop in looking for something specific. Lots of times I search here and then follow up there. I’ve picked up quite a lot of knowledge and general information by reading Zymurgy.

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