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Aged advantageous weizenbock

I have a batch of the NB advantageous weizenbock that I forgot about in the secondary. It was put in the secondary back in June. I forgot it because it is in a back room at my parents house and I have been really busy since mid-summer remodeling a house/school/work/kids/etc. I looks okay…there is nothing growing on top. I’ve never let anything sit this long before…do you think it will be alright?

There’s only one way to find out for sure, but if the airlock is there and there’s still water in it, it should be just fine!

Taste a sample. The worst that can happen is it tastes bad and you have to dump it. If it tastes good, package it up and say a prayer to the beer gods for keeping your brew safe :slight_smile:

I’m sure it is. I brewed this and it took a LONG time to mellow.

How would you say it compared to the real deal?
Man I loves me some Aventinus. That stuff can hurt you before you know it though.
In a league of its own for spicy, rich, full mouthfeel.

Obviously Aventinus is better. Mine had a weird, thick, body (made it when doing extract)… All-Grain might be much different and better. It is STRONG though.

So I was going to post a different thread about whether my weizenbock is ready yet… brew date was back in August. I went with Wyeast 2206 Bavarian Lager and thought I would need to lager it for 9-12 months. Has anyone else used the lager approach to this recipe, or have thoughts on whether 6 months lagering is enough? Cheers!

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