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Agave Nectar

Hello. Anyone have any experience with Agave nectar? I’m thinking of adding some late to a red ale.

Yep. Treat it like Invert Sugar. It basically ferments out and leaves very little flavor. I used some in a Tripel and it is extremely subtle (but extremly good). I think this is one of those things that is cooler to say “this is a red ale with agave nectar” than being an ingredient who’s flavor you can showcase.

Thanks Wahoo. That makes sense. I just want to use it to bump the gravity of a little bit. I did get the amber variety, which does taste pretty good, but definately subtle (maple syrup) flavor.

Soak some oak chips in tequila, age them for a while, and age the beer on the oak chips. Adds great flavor and, combined with the Agave, would probably make for a smooth beer. I’ve done the tequila oak chips but not the agave (yet).

I used a pound in a dry stout and it turned out great. Finished 2nd out of 10 stouts in a local competition. You should be able to use it interchangably with honey where color isn’t an issue.

color’s not a big deal. not sure what the amber variety will do, but the recipe itself is pretty far on the “red end”

Wow nice to hear I have been meaning to ask the same question. I have like 30 1# bottles I scored from work and I already used one in the sweet stout I brewed to bump the SG a bit. I also used a half# in the Evil Twin I brewed for shits & giggles.
It taste awesome by itself I love cooking with it and baking cookies:>)
O ya my Agave necter is from Milagro, pretty good Tequila maker.

Thanks for all the input. Very much appreciated. Now another question (or two): has anyone used jaggery or coconut sugar? I’m very interested in using some different varieties either with wheat beers or blonde ales over the summer.

Never thought of this before, but agave nectar is probably the perfect replacement for honey when trying to convert a recipe to be vegan-friendly.

And not just in beer recipes!

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