After Cider rack gravity is not changing

I have 4 gallons of cider that I racked 2 weeks ago at a gravity of 1.019 and they have not budged in the secondaries. I have them in 1 gallon carboys so that the head space is very limited in order for the fermentation to continue on down to a fg of 1. Am I out of luck here? Will they indeed drop down at least to 1.01?
The yeast that I used was S-04
OG: 1.055
Juice: Indian Summer ,no preservs, 100% past
In order to get up to OG 1.055 used light brown sugar
In primary for 8 days reached 1.019
Temperature between 63-67F
Thank You

Wow. Personally I would consider an occurrence like this to be a good thing. If you want it to ferment out more, you could always add a pack of Cote des Blancs or champagne yeast in there. It might take a month to ferment down to completion.

So if I don’t put in the Cote des Blancs you think that it would probably come down a little more in the next month? If so then I am fine with that. Thank you for the input

No, I doubt that it will come down much more if at all. You need more yeast in there if you want the gravity lower. Perhaps you should not have racked it yet.