Aeration question

Moved to all grain outside so I am still trying to get my routine down. Brewed a cream ale. When I went to smack the smack pack, I smacked it so hard it flew all over the driveway. Luckily I had an extra yeast pack from another kit.

Unfortunately, between rushing to get to a soccer game and the discovery of a wasps nest under the shingles, I forgot to aerate the wart before pitching the yeast. That was Sunday. There is activity in the airlock and krauzen forming. I did have to carry the carboy down to the basement so it got shaken some.

Curious as to how bad an error this is going to be?


Funny…I’ve forgotten this step a few times. I’ve had to resort to taping a reminder to all of my carboys. Anyway, those batches turned out fine.

I don’t know what it is about aeration that’s so forgettable for me. :oops:

No mistake has been made so have a beer and relax.

All the aeration does is introduce extra oxygen to the yeast and give it a boost but if you forget this step it will not have any negative effects.

[quote=“TheNerdyGnome”]No mistake has been made so have a beer and relax.
If it’s part of your procedure for good reason (simply stated, optimum conditions for healthy yeast growth) and you forget to do it, that’s a mistake. :wink:

But agreed, the beer should be fine as long as other conditions are properly maintained.