Aeration after yeast pitch

Is it ok to aerate after pitching the yeast into the wort? I realized I forgot to shake it right after I added the yeast. I shook it vigorously for about a minute.



I too have done this. Forgot to aerate before I pitched. I also shook the bucket for awhile, and even with the yeast already in there, it made a tasty beer. (I think it was a sweet vanilla stout)
I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Just chalk it up to learning, and do better with the next brew.

The more I think about it, I think I pitch first then aerate most of the time…no probs

Iv done it both ways, before after and also both before and after, I don’t think it matters.I never kept track and I never noticed anything different. Why do you think it would matter?

I didn’t know whether it would matter or not. :wink:

I forgot to aerate prior to pitching yeast slurry on my lager(horrors) Sunday but within 8 hours had great activity and a thick krausen ensued. Bubbling along well still 4 days later. I’ve not yet invested in the whole oxygen tank thing( no one with Copd here).

How freaking great is the johnson temp control thingie?! I am a convert to lagering now. :cheers:

Makes no difference if you aerate before or after pitching the yeast. But if you are using liquid yeast, it is very important to aerate.

The Johnson control works great. Been using it for the last 8 months. Works well for cooling and heating. Made a Oktoberfest last summer and this winter made a Bock and a Pilsner for this spring.

I always aerate after pitching the yeast. No issues that I am aware of and that’s over 700 batches.

When I transfer to the primary, I run my wort through a mesh coffee filter. The bubbles that it creates tells me that it’s oxygenated pretty well just by doing that. Of course, I do give the fermenter a few shakes as well, but that’s typically after the yeast is added.

It can be confusing, I have read text and instructions that say airate before and right after yeast pitching…I dont think it matters that early in the fermenting game…Cheers…Tank :cheers: