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Aerating the wort?

is there an easier way to aerate your wort. when I used my bucket, I simply snapped on the lid without a hole and shook the crap out of it. now that I have a big mouth bubbler I find it more difficult and am concerned that a. the pressure fit lids pops off & b. wort comes out of my bung hole…lol bung hole.


I use one of These myself and have been very happy with the results.



ahhh too easy, I can make one of those.

Spray a piece of foil with stars san hold it over the hole and shake.


same here. Just remember to charge the drill for brewday!:confused:

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Sanitized aeration stone and tubing attached to oxygen bottle regulator…swizzle around the wort 15-30 seconds…Done!

Drain wide open splash splash into bucket shake shake pitch yeast shake shake some more. Nothing extra to clean.

Cheap aquarium pump and diffuser stone. Stick the tubing into a piece of an old racking cane, put the diffuser stone on the tubing then put it in the wort and let it rip for a minute or two. Sanitize everything first of course.

I used to use a medical O2 tank with the same set up but getting the O2 was a PIA. The aquarium pump doesn’t inject pure O2 but the quantity is enough for what we need IMHO.

I do use oxygen got a 02 medical set and reg set the flow of the reg. To 2 and let it flow to medical tubbing atached a stainless steel micron filter works perfect. Let it flow for 30 to 45 secs

That’s pretty much me too. I shake the living crap out of my buckets and I’m very happy with my fermentation results. A while back I saw some studies of the effectiveness of different methods that provided some numbers as opposed to anecdotes. The one below is the best I could find in a short search today, and does provide some insight.

If you pitch a large amount of fresh yeast aerating the wort is not all that necessary.

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