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Advice please

I am a totally new to making hard cider. I am trying to determine if the white film is mold or not. I cleaned and sanitized any equipment I used including the airlock. The cider has been fermenting for about 8 days(used s-33 brewers yeast). The cider does not smell like sulfur or really bad at all. Is this batch gone or should I try to move to a new carboy? The actual cider doesn’t look to have any film.


Can’t tell from picture, but did you add sugar to that vessel? Maybe condensation?

Did you have a pretty active fermentation? Looks kind of like krausen residue to me. You could also just have some apple residue there - apple juice has lots of pectin. Filtered juice might be lacking some of that, but if this is fresh juice it could be that. Did you add pectic enzyme to this batch?

I certainly wouldn’t dump it. If you think it’s contaminated, the worst case scenario is that you’ll end up with some really good ACV.

thanks for the replies. I guess it was really active fermentation. I siphoned the batch out into another 1 gallon carboy and sampled some which tasted pretty good. I did have one other question. Right before I went to siphon my friend helping me decided to use a turkey baster instead of the thief to take some out for a sample and got a few air bubbles in the cider. Will that contaminate the cider possibly? thanks

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