Advice on electric systems

Hi all. I’ve been doing BIAB for a number of years and have had a good experience with it. However, I’m considering moving to an electric all-in-one system. Since I’m someone with a penchant for indecision and overthinking things, I was hoping to get insight on a couple of questions -

1 - what system would you recommend? I’m not looking at a high-end type Grainfather system but, instead, something in the $400-600 range or thereabouts;

2 - now to the possible overthinking part. Since I’ve only done BIAB and not the “traditional” mashing process, I’m concerned what the learning curve might be in moving to one of these systems. The last thing I want to do is spend a bunch of money and have a miserable time with it and end up not using it. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone and Cheers.

im not sure what other systems your looking at but the grainfather and the other all in one systems from what Ive seen are basically automated BIAB systems using a basket instead of a bag so most of it you will basically understand as far as the brewing part.

I am all electric. I built a 220 volt rig. I use a basket for mashing… and a basket for hops…
Mine is not automated… It’s quite possibly, just like a gas fired rig, I have to be there throughout the whole process, which I like.
We don’t hear much from Denny on here as of late, but he has had considerable time with the ones available on the market…
Look at Spike brewing?

As @brew_cat said if you’re doing BIAB then you’ll have no problems with the transition. After all this is a BIAB system that uses an internal electric element to heat vs. gas. Don’t over think it.
I just purchased a Mash and Boil and it’s pretty nice. I bought one after I saw a sweet deal and figured I would buy one to mess around with. I’m supposed to use it tomorrow to mess around so I can report back. Cleaning was easy. Hit it with some PBW, recirc through the pump. Rinse. Turn upside down to dry. Easy peasy.

Thanks all. Loopie, the Mash and Boil is one of them I was looking at; glad to hear it’s working well for you. I currently have a Blichmann Hellfire burner, which has been awesome, but I’m tired of lugging it around; besides that, it takes a lot of propane to operate. I figure an electric system will also allow me to scale down the amount of equipment I have.

Thanks Sneezles. I haven’t looked at Spike Brewing but will do so and appreciate the tip.

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If your in the market a popular competitor has the Mash and Boil as well as the Brewzilla on sale right now.

If it’s not a bad thing, I believe it’s time for me to go to a smaller rig… if you have an interest… email me…. Hoping HDMark and Loopie and Rad won’t give me the boots!

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I’ve used an Anvil system. Not bad once you understand the water volumes. The markings are on the inside so a sightglass mod would be a must. Not sure what I’d buy if I was going that way.

You might want to look at clawhammer brew systems me really like that system

Chris I recently bought the latest model Brewer’s Edge Mash & Boil Series 2 with Pump v2. I love that’s this latest model has moved the control panel toward ths top. I have used it several times now and am more than satisfied with it. It seems very well made. I had a question and emailed their help line and got a pretty quick reply. I’m still working on the easiest way to clean it after batch.