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Advantages of corking?

Found a Portuguese corker for about half the price of new ones. Is there any advantage to corking beer? Good for really effervescent Belgian ales? I know I’ve heard that the champagne bottles are stronger than the typical 12/22oz beer bottles.

and somebody else bought the corker right after i emailed her. $#@!#ing craigslist.

Don’t bum out, I don’t know how to cork my beer with my Italian wine corker. I generally use a hand corker that I can push in halfway.

You’re right, the champagne bottles or the Belgian 750s are good for a lot more pressure. Plus they look cool. I keep a collection of these bottles just because I like to use traditional bottles for my beers. Its a good excuse to drink some good imports.

It is mostly just a cool factor at club meetings. I usually cork 7-10 bottles and then put the rest of the beer in smaller bottles so I can drink it on a daily basis. I do like to put my Belgian styles in a bottle though. It is tough to get the carbonation levels right in a keg. You get lots of foaming when you try to get higher carbonation in the keg. Corked bottles are not necessarily stronger. They just make clean breaks at the bottom of the bottle so they are fairly easy to clean up. You still have wasted beer though.

You just need a lot longer serving line to prevent the foaming when using high carbonation levels in a keg.

More than 5’? I can’t believe how much this helped my foaming issues I was having.

Theres a calculator somewhere online that you can use to determine what length for a given pressure.

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