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Adjusting co2 Reg

Hello guys I am new to kegging and have been preparing for a couple weeks now by getting all the stuff needed.

Today I kegged an ale and turned the gas on, dialed in to 8psi (liquids in fridge currently 33f) and put the bottle and keg into fridge.

I checked it a while later and noticed the pressure had risen to about 10psi. I found this odd since the reg is new.

I used to work on propane gas systems and when you would test the lines if there was any pressure rise it would indicate that the reg diaphragm could be faulty by allowing the gas to bleed through.

Was wondering if that could be happening here?..Anyway what I did for now was bleed the Keg back to 8psi and turned the reg adjustment screw back about an 1/8" or so. I did the old fashioned hearing test by placing my ear on one of the reg dials and heard no activity (hissing).

Any thoughts?? How should I be adjusting the reg?

If you initially set you regualtor to 8 psi while your keg was still filling up with co2 then you might be reading 8 psi while preasure is still flowing in then when your pressure stabalized then it read 10psi. You have to from what I understand is to adjust your regulator slowly until your keg equilizes.

i think what you’re talking about is fairly normal or at least not a reason to panic. happens to me quite a bit, with the gauge rising +2 or 3 a few minutes/hours after first adjusting.

Thx yeah I guess those regs are a bit tricky to dial in!

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