Adjustable Brew Calculator

Does anybody know of a good calculator that I can adjust a batch size from an existing recipe?

If you have a android phone BrewR is a free app that can size from 1 gal to 10 gals. Lots of flexibility for creating beers too. Cheers

Just found and trying out BrewMate
. Seems to handle the adjustment of batch sizes pretty well. It’s free

Beersmith is excellent, powerful brewing software that will do anything you want including scale recipes. It’s not free, but you can try it free for 21 days and it’s worth the investment IMO.

Brewer’s Friend

is a great online brewing software. It is free to try it out and the batch size scaling is very good IMO.

+1 to Beersmith. Many of the programs are very good, but it is the one I have become happy with. It’s worth the free trial.