Adding yeast to fermenter before wort

I was thinking that if I was to pitch the yeast to the empty sanitized fermenter, wouldn’t the yeast be better mixed with the wort? Residual Starsan or the foam shouldn’t hurt the yeast, correct? I’m trying to find ways to improve time efficiency on brewing day too. If I rehydrated my yeast and it’s ready to go, and I’m still chilling, etc. the wort, couldn’t I just throw the yeast into the empty carboy?

I have considered doing this, but never done it because I think if you add your yeast into a foamy Starsan covered fermenter, the yeast could die from that. When people say “don’t fear the foam”, I don’t think they ever intended your yeast itself to be subjected to the Starsan. My humble opinion.

I always do it. I do immediately rack the wort on top, though.

I’ve never added yeast first; but I do often pour it in (dry or liquid starter/slurry) as the wort is pouring in.

There was one time that I made a starter right in my Speidel fermenter. I was making a HUGE beer and needed a big starter, so as it was stepped up, I put the last big starter in the fermenter for a day or two before I brewed, and then poured the wort right in. Worked out great.

That’s the only time I did that, though.

I’ve done it a few times. Every time I’ve wondered about whether the acidic starsan could have killed some of my little yeasties…can’t say I’ve noted any difference in lag time or attenuation.

I re pitch on top of the cake a lot of times and the fermentation starts right up. I’ve thought about making a starter right in the bucket and throwing the beer right on it. I don’t see why it would mater. I make starters in sanitized jars.

Having done it both ways, I can tell you that it makes absolutely no difference what order you do it.