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Adding Whirlpool Ability to a TEB setup

Id like to add a Whirlpool to the brewery. My current thought is to make something like what is illustrated on my crude drawing. Has anyone tried anything like this? Is there a sweet spot for the angle of the pipe etc for maximum flow? Any input on fittings would be great.

I don’t see a drawing.


I believe a common rule of thumb is approximately a 1/3 of the way up from the kettle bottom.

Some people just use an elbow on the inside of the kettle, others weld a pipe on the tangent. Some people hook and bend a pipe over the top of the kettle and down the side. I personally just clamp my silicone tubing to the kettle wall when I whirlpool. Our host’s Edelmetall Kettle uses a weldless fitting:

My electric kettle has 3 ports… Output for the pump with a short dip tube to there bottom… One for the electric heating element… and one for whirl pooling… They all sit at the bottom, same elevation… I put an elbow and tried some barbed SS fittings trying to get it to really spin… I eliminated the barbed fittings, just left the elbow and alls well in my brew world… Sneezles61
By the way… What is TEB?

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