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Adding water to bring down the OG

I am picking up some Apple Natural Select (6 Gal) next week. They list it at 22 brix, that comes to 1.092 OG, 12.9 potential alcohol.

I want to make cider so I am looking to drop the OG down to about 1.050, 6.6 potential alcohol. I found a chart that says 2Qt will drop OG of 5gal by.0.010.

I figured I need to add aprox 10 quarts give or take to get me where I need to be. Does this sound about right? Any other additions I need to add to the water? Thanks for the help.

What is Apple Natural Select?
Most apple juice that I’ve ever used in cider came in at the low 1.050s.

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I agree that most Apple juIce runs in that OG range. Google doesn’t return any positive results for Apple natural select except for some maggots. I would advise against fermenting them.

I am buying it from a place called Consumer Fresh Produce in Pittsburgh. They sell fresh juice to make wine. When I was ordering my juice this was a product listed. Obviously it is concentrated for an apple wine use. Anyone have knowledge on my question? Thanks

2.75 gals of 1.092 OG Apple juice will end with 1.050 if you add an additional 2.31gals of water.

This is based on a 5.06gal batch.

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Thanks loopie. I s there a calculator on line for that? The juice comes in 6 gallon buckets. 5 gal should put me close. I will go low and test add more water if needed.

Here is a site with many different calculators.

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