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Adding sugar to fermentor to boost gravity

I did my first biab this past weekend and after reading around the internet realized there are several things I could do differently next time to hit my og and increase efficiency. My og was 1.033 and it was supposed to be 1.044. I believe fermentation is slowing and almost complete but was endearing of I could ass sugar to boost the abv since I missed so badly ?

You can add sugar to boost the gravity and therefore the ABV when the fermentation is complete. Sugar is 100% fermentable though. The result will be a drier beer with a thinner body than your original recipe. Adding some DME that would fit with the style of beer you brewed may be a better option if you have the DME on hand. DME will add about 44 to 46 gravity points per pound per gallon.

If you don’t notice renewed fermentation a day after adding boiled sugar or boiled DME the yeast may need to be brought back into suspension with a gentle stir.

Ok cool that makes sense. I gues the most I would need to add is around 5 gravity points then since I was at 1.035 and it was supposed to be 1.04?
Would it be best to be sure fermentation is almost fbisnoshed to get a final gravity and therefore better to be able to calculate how much I might want to add? I don’t have and dme in hand but could order some on Amazon and have it by the weekend probably.

Need to ask this first. How does the beer taste? Taste trumps ABV. Could you drink this beer and enjoy it even though what you are tasting now is warm and flat?

That’s a great point. It started fermenting Monday would you think to would done enough to go ahead and try tonight or tomorrow. Fermentation activity stopped yesterday . I guess 3 to 4 percent doesn’t matter a whole lot anyway it isn’t high abv. It was the infamous centennial blonde.

I would shy away from adding that! It might make your beer taste like crap… Just say in’… :confused:

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Hahaha I just realized my typo ya that ass sugar might not be the best.

Although in a blonde…ass sugar might be appropriate :slight_smile:


I read your post and didn’t even notice the typo. About adding sugar or DME, I used an ABV. Assuming a 1.010 FG the difference between an OG of 1.035 and 1.040 is 3.94% vs 3.28. I’m not sure it’s worth the effort if it tastes good.

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