Adding Strawberrys to primary

Going to double down on another batch of cider, going to slice and hold strawberries in a muslin bag.
How many Pounds will I need? 1-2lbs For a 5 gallon batch?

It really depends on how much strawberry flavor and aroma you want. 1#/gallon will be a hint of strawberry. If you want it to have a real punch, you’ll want to increase it to 2 to 2.5#/gallon. Just be careful to not smash any of the seeds - they’re very high in a certain organic acid that can taste like plastic when used in conjunction with certain yeasts.

Edited post. Forgot to mention for a 5 gallon batch.

I wonder how much of a sugar base you’d use, of would you start with a white grape then flavor it with strawberry? There are many factors that brings out flavor, or could turn it toward the bad… Sneezles61

Recipe was going to consist of 5 gallons of apple juice and two containers of frozen apple juice concentrate and then the strawberries.

Sounds like a good plan, I would definitely add them in secondary to prevent the aromatics from getting blasted. I think one pound will disappear, so I’d recommend going with as many as you can get. 2# in a 5 gallon batch will give you a hint of strawberry. Let us know how it goes!