Adding salt question

Thinking about using salt to the brew. Do I use it in the boil or in the wort? Difficult to find out the amount to use for 5 gals. I was thinking using sea salt, more pure?

What are you making? Gose could use salt. I make a killer oyster stout with oyster shells which has sea salt on them.

Boil or wort ? I guess you mean boil or mash. I wouldn’t add it to the mash without a reason. The boil is fo flavor so that could be add to the end of the boil so it won’t get concentrated. Taste some in a pint and scale up.

I am doing an IPA. I was not sure if salt could be added after the boil and into the carboy. Was not sure if it was before or after the boil.

Like I said I would add it at the end of the boil so it cam dissolve. Technically you could add it to the carboy if you dissolve it first if no other option or a better option is at bottling.
I was hoping someone else would weigh in here

What are you trying to achieve with the salt? Are you trying to up the chloride levels for a NEIPA? I don’t think it matters if you add it before or after the boil. It makes sense that it would dissolve better in the boil, so I would go with that.

I am just trying it out. Something different to help flavor.

I once had a salty IPA I believe in CO. It was good. The salt was suttle. Probably wouldn’t know it was there if I wasn’t told

Not sure how much. I have been looking .

For my gose I use 7g/5gal added at 10mins remaining. I feel it’s a fair amount and is subtle. Make sure you do NOT add iodized salt.

I was not kosher or sea is the plan. Thank you.