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Adding Peanut Butter to chocolate milk stout extract recipe kit

I have been considering using this extract kit to make a chocolate peanut butter milk stout by adding PB2:

I’ve read it’s good practice to soak the nibs in vodka prior to adding to the secondary. But what is the best way to sanitize and add the PB2 to the secondary? I considered making a slurry out of boiling water or with vodka. Any recommendations?

And would there be any modifications I’d need to make to the recipe if I decided to add the PB2 to the secondary?

Thanks for any help you might be able to provide.

There’s information in Drew and Denny’s book Experimental Homebrewing about the use of PB2. You might want to take a look. If you’re in to non-mainstream additions to brews, this is the book to have.

I used the chocolate milk stout recipe to brew a peanut butter stout once before. I added the powdered peanut butter during the last 5 minutes of the boil. I used PB Fit and think i used 2 lbs. I am glad i added it this way as it becomes quite the sticky mess and also did not have to worry about sanitation. I simply added the cocoa nibs to the secondary and kegged off of it with no issue. It took a few months to really come together but was quite good after that. It placed third in a small local competition and everyone who tried it there seemed to love it.

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Thanks for the replay TJ. Did the beer turn out with a good peanut butter flavor? I’ve read other people say they had difficulty getting the peanut butter to show up when they added it to the boil opposed to adding it to the secondary.

The beer was peanut butter forward in both aroma and flavor. The cocoa nibs definitely took a back seat.

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