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Adding orange peel/corriander for fermenting

I am brewing a batch of American Wheat Beer tomorrow and am considering adding in some orange peel and crushed corriander. Based on reading past similiar questions, it appears that it is suggested to add the peel and corriander with about ten minutes left in the boil to kill any nasties. I would assume to leave it in the fermentor and remove before bottling?

I need some advice on how much corriander to add? 1/8 of a teaspoon? 1/4 cup? I just don’t want to ruin the batch with too much!

Thanks in advance!


The only time I’ve used orange peel and coriander is with this recipe.

I think you could use the same weight of fresh orange peel and half the amount of coriander in the wheat beer without it being over the top in flavor. I weigh all my ingredients so can’t give a volume measurement.

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Thanks! I’ll give it a go!!

Me gonna brew monday a heffeweizen. Gonna add orange peel and crushed coriander. The coriander and orange peel add these about 10 min before end of boil

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