Adding Orange Peel/Coriander

So, I brewed last night (attempting a witbier/IPA hybrid) and just now realized that I forgot the orange peel and coriander at flame-out. I haven’t pitched yeast yet (overnight cooling) so I’m wondering what my best option(s) are to add the orange peel and coriander. I’m thinking something along the lines of boiling 1.5 to 2 cups of water, steeping the orange peel and coriander for 5-10 minutes, then adding this “tea” to the fermentor before I pitch the yeast. Is this the best/recommended procedure?

Thanks in advance!

I have done exactly that in the past, adding it at bottling time because I thought there just wasn’t enough orange character. It worked well.
So in your case; add it now, or add it later I think would work equally well.