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Adding oak cubes to secondary

I was wondering if anyone could share their method for adding oak cubes/bourbon to secondary. I want to add some but am concerned about just dropping them in as they might splash. Is this ok?
Thanks for any input

Put the cubes in a container with just enough bourbon to cover them. Then you can add the entire contents to the secondary. You can just put them in. If your concerned about oxidation try tilting the fermenter a little and sliding them down the side.

Great! Thank you. I have had them soaking for a week so far and I have just moved my ale to secondary. (Caribou Slobber). I had intended just putting the bourbon and oak in for the last week but I have been reading mixed opinions and think maybe I will add them for two weeks.
I will tilt and pour!
Thanks again

I put stuff like oak cubes & hops in the fermentor first, then rack the beer on top of it.

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