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Adding mint flavors to mead?

I’m a huge fan of anything minty and have pounds of dried mint at home for recipes, tea and all.

I was thinking of making some mint concentrate by boiling mint in water, removing mint and reducing water, should I add this into my first batch of mead?

I plan on fermenting the mead (it’s a semi-dry kit from NB) for roughly 2 months, stabilizing it with a pellet, adding mint conc. and bottling. What do you guys think?

From what I’ve heard of semi dry mead, it’s basically a white wine with some honey in it, and mint in that (without overwhelming honey) sounds great, opinions?

Get some vodka and add the mint to that, before long you’ll have home made mint extract and you can add it to mead untill you get the exact taste you’re after.

Why not try adding it to the secondary fermentation after making sure the leaves are clean?

I vote for the vodka tincture method. Added to secondary, mint has a way of going from good to horrible very quickly. This is especially true if you are not tasting it frequently in order to rack it off the mint as soon as it reaches a good level.

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