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Adding Lime

I am new to this. I am making an extract Cerveza and would like to add lime to it. Should I do this before I add the yeast or will the lime juice affect the fermentation?

If it is zest you can add it at flameout or in a sack after fermentation. If it’s juice I’d only add it to the keg. What kind of beer is if?

It is a Cooper’s Cerveza. I was thinking of using juice.

Lime seems to get a funky flavor if it aged to long. I would just add a fresh slice of lime to your glass after the pour to maintain the limes bright flavor.

Thank you Sirs.

I haven’t had any issues adding it at flameout and in secondary. A little bit goes a long way. 3 limes zested and juiced at flameout is noticeable without tasting like furniture polish.

If it’s juice I would do it to the keg or if you bottle what @flars said

I wouldn’t add any juice unless you want to turn this into a shandy, and then you’d need to juice a lot of 'em. Best way to add citrus flavors otherwise is with a vodka tincture. Zest a handful of limes the day before you bottle the batch, soak the zest in vodka overnight, then add the flavored vodka to your beer. Awesome.

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