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Adding Lemon Zest

I just ordered Northern Brewer’s Lemondrop Saison and read some comments that the lemon flavor is too subtle so I wanted to add the zest of a lemon or 2. I’ve read some people add at the end of the boil and some people add it to the secondary. Has anyone tried either of these methods or have any recommendations on when and how much zest to add?

Never done it but the earlier you add it the more nuance will be boiled off or fermented off. If I was to do it I would add it about 5 days before packaging.

I always say that you should brew a kit beer exactly like it was for the first time and then decide if you want t tweak it. Use your own judgement on this but you will never know how good the kit beer is without trying it out first.


I have done it numerous times. Add the zest of 1 lemon in a strainer bag like dry hopping to your fermenter or keg if you keg

I’m totally with you @hd4mark, this can’t be said enough.

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