Adding leftover hops from bittering at dry hop?

I started brewing the Dead Ringer and Chinook IPA kits last weekend. The bittering hops additions were 3/4 oz. Both of these kits have dry hops going in a couple of weeks before bottling. I was thinking of just tossing that extra 1/4 oz Centennial for the DR and Chinook for that IPA in at dry hopping time for a little extra aroma. Any concerns here? Also, is timing before bottling a factor? Should I move it closer to bottling? Thanks.

The extra 1/4 oz won’t hurt at all. I usually dry hop for 5 days or so and then bottle. That should be all you need.

I agree. I would dry hop as close to bottling as possible. There is also a lot of evidence out there that indicates you should get as much yeast to drop out before dry hopping. This of course has a lot to do with the yeast.