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Adding gelatin?

Hello I took 1-tsp of gelatin an put it in too 3/4 cup of water an let it boom for one hour. Then I took it an microwaved it in 10sec burst an heated to 172f now is 172f to hot for the gelatin to work in my beer?

If you are putting it in 5 gallons that is cold crashed then it will cool off very quickly and probably not hurt anything. If you are putting it into 5 gallons that you are about to cold crash then it probably still won’t hurt anything. If it’s a 1 gallon batch I would let it cool down.

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I agree. That said I’ve used gelatin in beer and never thought it made much of a difference. Maybe if you’re rushing a beer to table but to really let your beer shine lager it

I agree with brew-cat,
forget gelatin.

In my case, it added floating particles to the beer.

If you want clarity,
Filter your beer or even better, let it condition in cool temps for a while before racking.

Good process + a little time = clear beer

the end.

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