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Adding citrus to beer

Continuing the discussion of recipe design with @dannyboy58 that we were having on a post started by @BrewingAroundtheRealm. I looked around for the tangerine recipe but only found ones I made with orange zest. One was an IPA with zest added as a dry hops. The other I made was a weissbier dry hopped with zest. I had in my note that the weissbier was quite good. The IPA was alright but I think it would have benefited with less or different hops. One thing I would like to try is add juice to the keg. I have done that to a barrel aged saison I made and liked it

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Funny thing about citrus juice that is not fresh squeezed. In order to preserve orange juice they suck all the oxygen out of the juice (sound familiar haha). That then ruins the taste and color. So they add “natural” flavors back that are taken from other parts of the orange. Guess where those flavors are from… the zest most likely. So you might as well just add zest and skip the whole watering your beer down with store bought OJ that they had to enhance with zest.

They key to zesting is to buy a microplane rasp grater (which is also awesome for hard cheeses)'%20Tools%20>%20Graters%20%26%20Zesters&cm_ite=8765166&gclid=Cj0KCQiA_4jgBRDhARIsADezXciPHtKGyZ5fQv7b0Thm2G_jfgUYzB6Mda754egpncExY1n3Gwaxb0waAo4_EALw_wcB

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I was thinking about using the fresh squeezed from the fruit I zested

I always add the juice as well when I zest. Seems like a waste otherwise. I think the zest does significantly more.

I recently brewed a galaxy and mosaic hopped IPA that I called tangerine dream. Only did 5 gallons and it was gone in a flash. I’m planning to brew 10 gals soon and may just add some tangerine zest to the DH.

How much do you experienced ‘zesters’ recommend?

I have 5 gallons of my “fest ale val” waiting for the keg… I’ll get some tangerines and join in the ex-beer-ment… With lager season close at hand, has any one looked for a tangerine type flavored hop?
Is a cutie a tangerine? The rind doesnt taste so good… Just chewed a hunk… icky!!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Sneezles61

Galaxy, mosaic, azacca…

I’ve had Mosaic before and got more of a strong berry… I’ll go looking around… see what turns up. Sneezles61

The beauty for the Microplane is that you cannot really get to the pith so the bitter part isn’t an issue.
@dannyboy58 I would guess 1 tangerine zested per gallon is a safe start. I do 3 big oranges per 5 gallons and I guess that’s about the same

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I made a tangerine wheat with those “cuties.” Tangerines without sugar are really really sour. It was almost like I made a sour beer!

Edited to add: sorry, those were mandarins that I used.

I see there s “hop chart poster” out there… It looks like a very cool, organized way to view hops… I suppose I could rip down a few black light posters and make room for this… I tried to zoom in to read some of it, but its quite blurry… Save them from being… ripped off? Sneezles61
I’ll get a zester today and scrub a bunch into the fermenter… See what happens.

Looking back I did 2oz in the IPA 1oz in the weissbier. BYO posted Bells Oberon which might be a nice base

Oberon is one of my faves. I’ve never put zest in it but I bet it would be good

Oh Sneezles, you should NEVER take down black light posters. :smiling_imp: All through college my roommates and I would swap out the flourescents for black light bulbs and every year I put up over 2,500 of those sticker stars on the ceiling. Our room was always awesome! I may need to do that again once I manage to convert the basement from a kids playroom to the bar I’m dreaming of. . .someday.

Anywho, back on topic, I just received the Festivus miracle AG kit from our hosts and am planning to brew it tomorrow. It includes .5 oz sweet orange peel at 5 mins. The only other time I’ve used zest was on the grapefruit pulpin kit and I soaked it in vodka for about a week and added the infused vodka to the keg, although now that I think about it, my very first AG kit back in 2013 was Brickwarmer and it had orange peel in it as well. . .

I’m intrigued by @loopie_beer’s comment about using cuties and kinda shocked it came out so sour, although I guess with as sweet as they are, I bet they ferment out pretty completely. Although now I’m reading that again, maybe it was the tangerines moreso than the cuties?


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Went to the grocery store… was looking for Tangerines… None was found… I went online to see whats up… Modern farmer July 08, 2014 has the explanation… They are all mandarins… Tangerine was a name slapped on them from a port city exporting them… So all those cuties, pixies and the such, are what we called tangerines… Now I can go zest my brew… Whew! Sneezles61

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Also clementines

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