Adding a racking port to a v-vessel?

I was just given a v vessel and am wondering if it would be possible to add a racking port to it to see if it helps when transferring into kegs so that less sediment is transferred into the keg. Is there a way to do this that would not end up being an invitation for bacteria inside the vessel?

Since its a conical, how are you getting sediment?

I’d think you could drill and install a port if you’re careful. I’d go with a small port since the bend towards the bottom of the cone will be pretty high, making a seal with a nut unlikely. Or you can probably glue it in with the right glue.

Tom sawyer, the v vessel only has one dump valve and it is directly in the bottom of the cone, so you do get a lot of sediment when kegging.

borealis, I think it’s possible but it is beyond my ability to attempt. I think any weldless type of valve with a thick enough of an o-ring would do the trick. I would not worry about santitation, but I would worry about being water tight.

Wahoo–That’s a good point about the water-tight aspect. I was more worried about sanitation, but that could be a factor. I will have to look more carefully when I get home. I wonder if the curve of the taper is too dramatic to get a good seal. Has anyone tried this? Or have any good suggestions about kegging from a v-vessel. The guy who gave it to me said that was his one complaint–getting some sediment in his kegs. I was hoping to avoid it.

You can’t drain the sediment in a couple of stages, prior to running off to the keg? I thought they had some ball attachment that let you collect yeast/trub.

They do but what happens is the sediment sort of forms a tunnel when you drop it. Ultimately the beer comes through this tunnel and drags some sediment with it. No matter what, you are either going to sacrifice too much beer, or leave significant sediment in the vessel, some of which will come out when you ultimately rack. The beauty of a “real” conical is that you have both a dump valve and a racking valve. The v-vessel’s is one and the same.

So much for a high angle on the conical helping the yeast settle down. Of course I’m used to some yeast in the keg anyway, but there are times when it is not handy (moving the keg).

You could try a Better Bottle racking valve assembly.