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Add honey and DME to nut brown ale kit

I plan on buying the Nut Brown ale extract kit from Northern Brewer. The abv is a little low for my liking so I was thinking about adding a pound of dry malt extract and a pound of honey to boost the flavor and alcohol content. Does anyone have any experience with this kit and adding such ingredients? I’m most concerned about adding the honey and what it will do to the flavor. A honey nut brown sounds like a good idea I’m just not sure ow it will turn out. Thanks for any input!

Honey may not add any flavor because it will completely ferment out.

Yeah a few minutes after I posted I realized that would just be a waste of honey. So I guess the time to add the honey would be after fermentation is complete?

Only if you kill the yeast and keg :slight_smile:

Try brown sugar… If you like New Castle brown ale…I think I did 1-1/2 cups for a 5 gallon recipe and it was in the background as far as flavor… boosted Alcohol a little bit. Sneezles61

If you add 1 lb. of DME and 1 lb of either honey or table sugar, you will increase the OG by about 16 points. Depending on how well your yeast attenuates you ought to get another 1.5-2% ABV. The honey added to boil will act the same as any other sugar and dry out the result a little. You can get a little honey character if you wait a couple days until the most vigorous fermentation is slowing and add the honey then. It will still ferment out completely, but some of the delicate flavor compounds will stick around. But not a lot. The best way to get honey flavor is to actually use Honey Malt- 4-8 oz. of that will work.

Thanks I’m going to try some honey malt and maybe even add a little bit of honey.

Why not regular. Cane suger. Like a 1 lbs. The honey does do nothing. No flav. Look at. Brewers friend. Recipy creator. Just put in the info. Create the recipy. See how you do come out on og. Adding extra things

Invert sugar FTW. Holding it at 240F for about 15 minutes or so really does bring out a honey-like flavor in an invert sugar. Hold it there for a couple of hours and it’ll start developing deeper apple and caramel flavors. Brings a whole new dimension into a nut brown ale. Or add a dollop of blackstrap molasses once it’s inverted, although it won’t have the same depth of flavor as it would if you held it at temperature.

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