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Activity in secondary fermentors:

Just wanted to get a quick polling of folks and see how much activity they see (burps in the airlocks, foam, etc) in their secondaries, and at what temperature they usually let them sit at.

I’m letting this batch go a bit on the cold side: 45 degrees F give or take. I haven’t seen much activity at all at this temp, BUT, I also stirred the hell out of my brew in the primary, and let it go for a bit longer than the normal range of time there. By the time I strained, there wasn’t a whole lot of activity, or solids, left.

What about your brews?

I think I pulled my first batch a bit early, there were still a decent amount of solids, and I was only able to strain about 2.5 gallons off. I crashed it immediately, should I have left it at 40-50 degrees for a while? It was still active enough to pressurize the glass jugs… it fizzzed like soda and I had to put airlocks on it… not much foam but I think I can atttribute that to the (early) crashing.
Remember, I’m still learning…

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