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Active yeast starter

Hey all. I am brewing a Vienna lager and am using Imperial Global. Because life got in the way, the yeast is 6 months old and I decided to do a starter.

Here’s the thing. I began the starter about 30 hours before expected pitch. At 20 hours it is bubbling away like mad and has been for about 14 hours.

My questions are- is it ok to pitch if the starter is in this active phase or do I need to cold crash it before I pitch?

Since using imperial, I haven’t bothered doing starters because of the higher cell count.

Since a Vienna is not a high gravity beer Id probably pitch at high krausen

Thanks brewcat. I’m actually going for about 6 abv on this one. I usually chill the wort in a refrigerator and don’t do ice baths or immersion chillers anymore so I’m about 8 hours from pitch. I’m not sure what the starter will be doing by then but I figure I don’t have time to cold crash it anyway. I’m not at all worried about not decanting so maybe I just pitch it when the time comes and see what happens.

I wouldn’t worry… pitch it when the brew is ready… still healthy, active yeast will be just fine.

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