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I’ve got a batch of “The Innkeeper” that i think i jumped the gun on and kegged too soon. It looked (and tasted) good when transfered into the keg, but it’s developed a green apple/acetaldehyde flavor. I’ve read can come from cooling too soon when there’s still yeast activity.

The advice i’ve found is to bring the beer back to a warmer temperature and try to revive the yeast, so I’ve pulled the keg from the fridge. It went from the primary straight into the keg at about 2 1/2 weeks, so there should be some yeast in there that made the transfer.

Would it be worth pitching additional yeast? Or should I just write this one off and move on?

Don’t write it off. Leave it warm for a few days and cool it back down. Eventually it’ll age out.

If warming it up doesn’t help I would consider adding an active starter of new yeast.

I’d also vent the keg periodically, de-carbing and venting off can sometimes help to get rid of it.

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