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About pitching ale yeast cold?

Hello everyone I have a ? about pitching ale yeast in your wort cold meaning sometimes I see recipe say cool your wort down too like 55F an pitch the yeast into it . An let the fermentation rising during that to like 62f to 65f an ferment at that temp … So basic what i am asking is how cold do you want to cool your wort down too to pitch your ale yeast is it like 5F or 6F below the fermentation temp ???

A few degrees below your ferm temp is ideal.

Lately I have been transferring into the primary, cooling to 44 degrees, pitching the yeast and slowly raising the temp. to 50 degrees over two days. Letting ferment at 50 degree (takes about 12 days) and then transferring to secondary and raising temp to 60 degrees for 7 days. Bottle and let lager at 34 degrees for a month. Excellent results. No off flavored, great taste. Especially with ersatz pilsner.

Sorry, didn’t see you were referring to ale yeast. Normally pitch at 66-70 degrees and cool to 65 degrees until fermentation complete. I use a chest freezer with temp. controll.


Here’s a side note on pitching temp. I preach pitching cool, but I have a friend in our brew club that pitches as soon as the wort is cool enough that it won’t kill the yeast (sub-90’s). His beers are generally simple ales but I’ve never detected an ester flaw.

I think you forgot the word “yet” at the end of that sentence!

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