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A step backwards

I never bottle because it is such a PIA. While we are avoiding winter weather in Florida with limited space I have still been kegging with 2 kegs, priming them and serving with a jockey box. Not the ideal set up. That and the closest source of Co2 is 50 miles away and very expensive. Plus somehow my 5lb tank used 4lb (I weighed it while full) for one keg and cannot find any leaks.

So here is my latest great idea. I bought 30 740ml PET bottles with caps. That’s about 25oz each. So I figure I can add 2 Domino Dots to each (thanks to our departed friend Flars) dump the trub from my bucket that has a valve and simply attach a hose and fill right from the fermenter.

I’m hoping it will be easy enough that I can bottle and stick some in the fridge rather than having to fill the jockey box with ice every day and drive a long way for CO2. The Co2 is in Key West so that part can turn out to be a fun day though.

Sound like a plan?

A buddy of mine uses 2L soda bottles for test batches all of the time, and seems to work well for him!

I wonder if you could fashion a way to push the brew out of the fermenter with CO2… I’ll put my neck in a noose and say, thats the worst culprit to ruining a brew… I know you’ll have a secondary ferment… I’m being anal? Sneezles61

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I’ve bottled direct from the fermenter Flars style. Actually better than transferring it to a bottling bucket less chance of introduceing O2. Although that little bit is scrubbed by the yeast during conditioning. Probably more chance of oxidation bottling from the keg although I’ve not experienced that either.


[raises glass to Flars]


I’m not that worried about oxidation bottling right from the fermenter. It will essentially be the same as draining the bucket into a keg and I never had a problem with that. It doesn’t seem feasible to push the beer from a bucket. It’s tough enough just to get them to seal while fermenting.

I’m still concerned how much CO2 I went through for only one keg. Either I have a leak and I soaped all the connections and the regulator or the tank was not full. I assume the tare weight is stamped on all of them? Next time I get one from there I will be sure to weigh it. Last time I weighed it with the reg, tubing and QD attached figuring I wouldn’t have to disassemble it to check .

Turn off the CO2 when your not enjoying your brew… You’ll find out if you have a leak when you go for another brew the next day and it doesn’t pour… Sneezles61

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I usually do turn it off. This batch was primed and over carbed so I released enough to tame it and it went the other way so I had to leave it at 12lbs to re-carb. Ended up great but somehow ate up my CO2.

In the summer up north I have several tanks and inexpensive CO2 near by so it’s not a problem.

I feel sorry for you brother… Is there an onsale liquor store that could sell you a bottle?
I think you may need to fine tune the bottling process… Wouldn’t that be a challenge… figuring out which way is best-est… Sneezles61

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