A source for Pastic Beer barrels

I am trying to find a source for those plastic beer barrels, about 5 gals or so, the ones you can buy in England.

I’ve been looking all over the place for them but cannot find a US source for these. They are ready available in the UK and I have not found a supplier which would ship over here, or the shipping charges are probitive.


Midwest use to sell them maybe a call to them will put you on the right track.

About a year ago I had a link on where to buy them they were not cheap like $85 if I remember right I’ll see if I can find that link again.

Thanks Chuck

I used to have a could which I brought over here when I move to the US a while back. Somewhere in a house move I lost them/misplaced along with a pile of equipment. Now I am trying to get back into the swing of things

Are you talking about Sankey valve kegs? Try:

[quote=“fightdman”]Are you talking about Sankey valve kegs? Try:

Their site says, “our kegs are not suitable for home brewing”, plus there’s a 5-unit minimum, and they would ship from the UK.

This doesn’t seem to be a good solution to the OP’s problem.

I don’t know why they’re not suitable for homebrewing, but I can’t see what benefit a company would have in lying about this.

[quote=“abrown001”][quote=“fightdman”]Are you talking about Sankey valve kegs? Try:

I assumed it was because of the sankey valves that the company stated that they were not suitable for homebrewing. Well, I’ve kegged in a sankey keg many time, no big deal if you know what you are doing. In fact, I got a quote from this very company for 5 - sixtels back in August. They ran $93.60 delivered to my house. A little bit cheaper than new corney kegs.

OP never stated how many he wanted to buy.

No, they ship from California and the OP is now in USA. See his previous posts.

I think you should let the OP decide that.

When I followed the link, the pages I saw claimed that the items shipped from the UK. I have since found that some other pages on their site say they ship from CA. Since the OP suggested that international shipping was something he wanted to minimize, it seemed that 5 unit minimum and shipping from the UK were pretty solid indications that this wasn’t the right solution. Assuming the pages listing CA as the shipping origin would apply to the OP, then this may be a relevant link.


I’ve taken a look at the links, but this is not the system I am looking for. They are readlly available in the UK. Lots of adds for them in ebay.uk but nothing over here. I am not interested in those soda pressurized kegs, king of take the fun out of it turning casket beer into commercial keg beer. If I can’t find a source over here, or one in the UK without expensive shipping, I’ll just wait until I go over next year and bring one back with me. I have brought two of these back in past.