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A re-pitching question

My first batch of AG helles is gone and it was great. I have another batch about ready to keg. I plan to brew another and re-use the yeast from the one in the fermenter now. My question is this: Would it be better to save some of the yeast from this batch in the fridge to use in the batch after next, or just toss what I don’t need for re-pitching and re-use the yeast from each successive primary fermentation? I hope I made myself clear here.

I’ve done it both ways, but prefer to repitch yeast which is as fresh as possible. If you repitch within a month of harvesting it, you don’t need a starter, just enough slurry. There is a slightly increased chance of the yeast changing it’s character with each successive pitch, but it is not something I’ve ever found a need to worry about unless something went weird with a batch.

In other words, pitch what you need, throw away the rest and harvest more from the next batch.


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