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A pretty big list of hops

Hey guys, I’ve got info and data written up about 272 different varieties of hops on my site hopslist (just pop it in to Google if the link is no good, it should come up). Lets be clear, not selling hops, it’s just info.

If you’re as keen on variety as I am, my hope is you’ll find it an interesting resource. For anyone that has been there before, it’s had a bit of a facelift in the past month, 90% of the descriptors have been updated and i’ve added a few new varieties too (Jester, Stryian Wolf etc).

Cheers, J

That’s quite a list. The first hop I looked at was amerillo which I’ve run out of. It says substitutes cascade centennial chinook saaz ? I don’t know about that.

Cheers for having a look! Amarillo is certainly a unique one, nothing really comes close but Cascade and Centennial are widely regarded as the closest substitutes. There is some anecdotal evidence that suggests brewers are using chinook and Saaz should actually be Summer (sometimes known as Summer Saaz). I’ll fix that up, cheers for pointing out the error. It has the closest oil profile to Amarillo but has a very different alpha. Just my 2c!

That’s quiet the list! Good resource!

Nice job Heals. FYI I did not see 3 hops that I used last week for an IPA; Jarrylo, Pekko and 007 " the golden hop". Free swag from the NHC.

Cheers! Jarrylo and Pekko I currently have on my to research list but not 007. Thanks for the heads up!

And I don’t how this will beer taste?! Its very cool to be a Home brewer just to check shit out.

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