A little nervous about my first batch

This is my first try at home brewing. I got the NB deluxe brewer starter kit with the American Wheat kit. I watched the DVD and followed the instructions to a T but I don’t see any yeast activation. The batch is in a dark closet at about 65 F. Could the yeast be inactive? How can I kit start the fermentation? Can my batch be saved? Or am I just a worry wort?

Relax, you should be fine.

It may take 24+ hours for the yeast to grow enough to then start showing activity. Just when you are about to give up it will usually then start to show some foam on the top. (In fact, one time I had waited a couple of days with no activity, then panicked and drove to the LHBS. By the time I got home the yeast had kicked off…)

At 65 degrees it may also take a little longer for the yeast to get going. I haven’t used the yeast in the Am Wheat kit, some others here in the forums may be able to comment on that yeast and how it behaves. Some yeasts take a long time to get started.

Thanks for the response but I guess I am a worry wort. When I pitched the yeast last night around 7pm, I picked up the carboy to bring it downstairs but some of the sterilization solution squirted from the gaslock into the wort so I was scared I ruined the batch. I checked on it around 7am this morning and nothing but some clumps of yeast on top. Checked it again about 3 hours later and I saw some foam and bubbles coming out of the gaslock!!! My friend did say that brewing can be somewhat forgiving. Thanks again.

I do have one more question though, I noticed the temp around 63 F. I would assume the cooler temp would slow down the yeast activity but what is the ideal temp for the fermentation? I’m sure the cooler temp will cause more time in the primary. Any thoughts?

You are at the ideal fermentation temp, as long as you are patient to let the beer finish.

I’ll concur with 560sdl. Fermentation generates heat. So in a bit the beer will be in the mid to upper 60’s. Just fine.

Let it sit for 3 weeks. Then bottle. When you go to bottle, fill 1 soda bottle. Squeeze the O2 out and screw the cap on. As CO2 is formed the bottle will expand. No wondering what is happening inside the glass bottles. Also, give the beer a stir after every 6-12 bottles to keep the sugar mixed up.