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A Less is More Approach? Or Not?

Hi All,
Keeping in mind that I’m working with what I have on hand, would an 80/20 2-row/Munich combination make satisfying base flavor so as to NOT add any caramel/crystal for either sweetness or color? This batch would include approx 2% rye for a little bite and spice. It would be bittered with Perle and finished with Saaz. All to be happily consumed by 2nd Gen US-05. I am trying to take an approach in a less is more or at least less is okay batch. I don’t want pure boredom, but I do want a highly quaffable, low gravity, session-able crowd pleaser.

Am I kinda all over the map here? My design thoughts are stemming from the Session post listed yesterday.
Thanks, Mike

I also subscribe to the less-is-more theory. I happen to make a lot of beers with base malt (pils or pale ale malt) and Munich. Sometimes there is wheat, carafoam or something else but the vast majority is base malt and munich. I would also like to clarify that my new go-to munich is Weyermann “dark” munich which is 10L. It’s absolutely fantastic. The 80/20 base malt/munich is great for what you’re talking about. The Perle and Saaz sound good too. The other way around the “pure boredom” thing is to use a different yeast. US05 is about as boring as it gets and I typically don’t use it because it over attenuates and I just prefer liquid yeast. But the beer you describe could come out with a little more snap if you used 1007, 2565, 1028, 1099 or another “neutral” yeast that happens to have a bit more character. Tell me when this beer is done so I can fly down to Coconut Creek and sample it. Preferably in January! :o

Damn Ken. If anyone was going to respond I was hoping it would be you 8)

I have some 2nd Gen US-04 but it’s in the mason jars for over 2 months, what are your thoughts on this? Not sure if its viable. Other than a smack of Ardennes 3522 I got’s nothing but the 05. So…???

Hold the phone, I also have a pack of Danstar Munich Wheat Yeast!! That would sure “F” things up right?

Pretty much every ale I do, I do a 2-row/munich combo. I think it adds some depth.

Personally I don’t like dry yeast and if I used it, I’m not sure I would save it. If the US05 is “fresh”, go ahead and use it and maybe mash a smidge higher so the US05 doesn’t dry the living bejesus out of the beer. I wouldn’t use the US04 and I definitely would not use the Ardennes unless you like that character. Cheers!

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