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A lager recipe

Can somebody explain the recipe to me? I need to understand each step with time to raise temp and rest periods in simple English. Please help

Most grains are modified now days that you no longer have to step mash. The protein rest is for unmodified grain hold there for 30 minutes. Then raise the temp to 148 to convert the starches into sugars for 75 minutes then raise the temp for mash out 10. These was done for many year when most grain were unmodified. With today’s malted grains you no longer need a step mash.

This is an All Grain recipe that calls requires multiple rest steps. With today’s malts you don’t need to do protein rests, and in fact they can be detrimental to foam retention as it will ruin foam positive properties.

Do you brew extract or all grain?

Edited: Damian beat me to the punch!

Looks like a mash at 148 F for 75 minutes. Skip the protein rest and mashout, both are either detrimental or worthless in a homebrew setting.

Furthermore, you could mash the same beer for just 45 minutes at 148 F and get the same results. That’s what I’d do.

@Dave… I understand the issues with the protein mash but I didn’t know there was an issue with doing a mashout other than spending time on a process that probably doesn’t significantly improve the beer. Can you elaborate?

Edit… Sorry Dave. I just read your post a bit more closely :oops:

Yeah… just for clarification, the mashout is almost worthless for homebrewers because we almost always bring the wort up to a boil within 30-60 minutes anyway, thus killing the enzymes as soon as the wort hits 170 F on its way up to the boil. If for some odd reason you were going to leave your wort laying around for a couple of hours before boiling it, then the mashout is important. Otherwise, no.

Dave do we have to go through this again… :wink:

Mash out for BATCH spargers is unnecessary. If you fly sparge it is beneficial to denature the enzymes.

Meh… sparge with 170F water and we’ll call it even. Yes?

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