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A Grateful Thank You

I’ve been part of the home brewing community since 1994 when I first read Charlie P’s “Home Brewers Companion” and met my first homebrew store workers. Ever since then, I have always been amazed by the extraordinary kindness and generosity shown by everyone in the industry - from brewers to maltsters, shop owners to hourly staff, professionals to first time home brewers. Everyone is helpful, positive, and really, really good natured.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, my doctors told me to surround myself with people who would bring me great energy. And over the past few years I have been blessed to to have two groups of really positive, upbeat, and pleasant people in my life - my medical support team and home brewers like those on this board.

I always insisted that no matter what happened I would thank everyone who made my life a little better each day. And having received good news this past week, I want to make sure I thank all of you for bringing such positive attitudes, caring for others, and a real sense of humanity being friendly to each and all. You are what makes home brewing so special.

Sometimes I think it’s easy to forget how we all need that simple, friendly, and positive interactions in our life. As George Taylor Morris was so fond of quoting from the Fab Four, “the love you take is equal to the love you make”. So next time we crack open a home brew, I hope every one will take a second to relish in the spirit that makes this group - and our passion - so special. I know I will as well send out thanks to everyone here who makes my experience as a home brewer so fantastic.cheers everyone. ... 48659.html

Did you see the movie Argo? NSFW, language in the video but it doesn’t start on it’s own.

Seriously, good to hear you are on the mends. My local club is a group that will do what they can to help someone else out. Be it moving or a death in the family. Because we are not a strict/organized group, we act more as a social club. A good group of friends I would not have met if it was not for home brewing.

I find the exact same kind of support and energy from all of the communities and brewstores that I’ve interacted with. Very happy to hear you’re doing better, man. I really admire your perspective on gratitude. As much as I want to be thankful and want to be communicating my appreciation to all the great people in my life my perspective rapidly deteriorates into self-absorbed, self-pitying BS. It’s refreshing and motivating to hear your story. I think all of us have been (or at the very least will be) affected by cancer at some point. I am very, very happy for your good news.

Cheers and vibes to you. My wife is a cancer survivor and it’s something that has touched us deeply so I hear you on that one. As for homebrewers, I have always thought that a very high percentage of homebrewers were supportive, kind, patient and very willing to share their knowledge. There is always someone who was once at the crossroads you now find yourself and they’re always willing to help and tell you what they did or what they might do different. God knows where my brewing would be right now if it weren’t for a few good-natured brewers out there. Cheers!

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