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A Gluten Free All Grain IPA Recipe That Does Not Suck

My hop head newly gluten free wife has requested for me to brew a gluten free IPA. I would prefer an all grain recipe. I know there are plenty out on the web, but is there one that doesn’t suck? I have yet to try a gluten free beer that measures up to the non-gluten free varieties.

Please help.

Check out White Labs Clarity Firm. It has been shown to drop gluten levels to below 20 ppm in barley and wheat beers.

Does she have celiac disease or gluten intolerant. Makes a difference. I think you have to make rice beer and hop the hell out of it if you want no gluten. Someone wants me to make one but haven’t gotten to it. I had something in my head with rice malt and maybe some Asian sweet rice or flaked rice for some body. Lotta hops

Don’t forget corn is gluten free. So, you could just make a macroAmerican lager with lots of corn and rice, and hop the heck out of it. Might have to use some amylase enzyme to make up for the lack of diastatic malt.

She is gluten intolerant. The clarity form is an excellent option but did not satisfy her (she doesn’t want to worry).

If you can find it, Uinta brewing company makes a surprisingly good gluten-free IPA. I don’t know how widely distributed they are, but with as lacking as gluten-free beers tend to be, this is one that I’d drink over a lot of other IPAs. Might be a starting point?

Sorgum syrup is a popular option. Some honey and flaked rice.

Don’t forget oats are gluten free and you can probably find malted oats pretty easily.

Bump to this thread. I was considering making a Gluten Free beer for a friend. My LHBS doesn’t carry Sorgum because that cannot sell it they say. I hear it doesn’t taste that great anyway. I would just use the ClarityFirm and be done with it but I really would love to get as close to gluten free without it.
So that would leave the following grains.

Amaranth : I cannot find Amaranth malted

Oats : Which you can get malted

Buckwheat : Can be had malted as well.

Millet : Millet malt

Rice : Crystal Rice Malt

Corn : Organic Yellow Corn Malt

Quinoa : which I cannot find malted but I can find flaked

So besides Honey, Maltodextrin, Sorghum and straight up sugars I wonder what else might be Beerable™ in a beer

A friend owns Ground Breaker Brewing, a GF brewery in Portland. They have won so many medals for the beers that I’ve lost count. They have GF homebrew recipes here…Ground Breaker Brewing Releases Gluten-Free Homebrew Recipe — Ground Breaker Brewing

TY Denny

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