A carbonation delimma

I have two big beers that have been aging at room temps for about a year. One is a RIS and the other is a Barley Wine. I sample a little every now and then, but I was thinking about bottling the majority of what is left so that I can free up the two kegs. I just have two many beers on tap to keep something this heavy and strong on all the time.

Problem is that that are in various stages of force carbonation. I think I “set and forgot” one on C02 a long time ago when it was cold but it was too young so I pulled it back out to age.

If it is partially carbonated, I cannot naturally carb at this point, right? Should I just chill it, carb it up and bottle it? I saw the video the other day where the guy was over carbing beer when he was planning to bottle it for competitions because he was getting comments about flat beer with normal carb levels.

Looking for some advice here.

I use a bottling wand in the end of a party tap to bottle from the keg and I typically over-carb a little, like 15 psi. Opened a BW from a few years ago earlier this week, down to just five bottles (including the one I drank) and it was nicely carbed using this method.

Thanks, that is probably what I will end up doing

15psi at what temp?


Chill it, carb it a tad high and bottle according to the video I made below. I have 17% BW that is two years old now and perfectly carbed. Note: the iodophor solution in the blue bucket is ice cold (with cubes in it) so that the bottles are the same temp as the beer. Minimal foam and easy to do. Set regulator to 3 psi to fill bottles.

Mullerbrau Bottling CRAFT 15% Anniversary Beer